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Edding 5400 3D Double Liner. Features two different-sized tips and a tube-like barrel, resulting in the ability to deliver varying amounts of acrylic paste. It can also be used in conjunction with a brush.

Ideal for painting and decorating canvas, paper and wood. Contains highly pigmented, water-based ink that is permanent once dry. It's also lightfast, quick-drying and waterproof, with low odour. Nozzles deliver 2-3mm and 5-10mm thick lines. To use, remove the cap and gently squeeze the body until the paint begins to flow. Store at room temperature.

Additional Information

Product Code:ED86655
Advance Mechanism:Capped
Ink Type:Water-based Paint
Item Material:Plastic
Tip Material:Plastic or Fibre
Tip Shape:Chisel
Tip Type:Porous

Edding 3-D Permanent Acrylic Double Liner MARKER