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There she is again! ... yo! The first issue of XPLICIT GRAFX is here. Wait a minute, the first? Right. After a "small" new formation and concept revision, a new mag with an old title was created. The result is definitely something to be proud of! And more than that!!! Really big flicks, big specials and above all a lot of varied stuff. After 15 years you should know how to do it.

Short Synopsis: SONIC C4 Special, German Subs, Tokyo Streets, French Walls, MKAE Feature with Interview, HUSK WITH HAVN, RAELS, USA subs and a big Special with the almost Siamese twins OS GEMEOS. There is also a report about a Hall of Fame in Belgium: The VALDOR HOSPITAL in Liège not only shines with its architecture, but also with its incredible flair.

Fresh mag with a whopping 138 pages of content. Simply take it with you the next time you order a can... And the best thing about it: The graffiti world has a magazine back that made a significant contribution to promoting the movement in Europe in the early days!!!


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