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Ltd edition 150ml cans

Sugar Professional Artists’ Acrylic Spray Paint by Ironlak

A revolutionary health conscious formula, with high performance capabilities. It is unlike any aerosol product you’ve ever used and is the world’s first hybrid water and alcohol based acrylic aerosol paint. Sugar is harvested specifically to deliver the highest quality results for artists, with the lowest possible impact on your health and our environment.

Our innovations in aerosol technology have lead to a unique formulation, which combines water with alcohol made from sugarcane to replace petroleum-based solvents. As a result, Sugar contains fewer Volatile Organic Compounds, meaning less toxins absorbed into the user’s body and less environmental impact, while still delivering a superior product that is designed to meet the modern needs of today’s artists.

Here are a few tips to help make your Sugar experience a sweet one.

Sugar is unlike any aerosol product you’ve ever used; therefore, you must use it unlike any aerosol product you’ve ever used. Firstly, step away from the donuts and let us clear up any confusion. Although the name may have you believe otherwise, Sugar Artists’ Acrylic is not edible. As fun as it sounds, you probably shouldn’t spray it into your coffee or onto your breakfast cereal. Release the sweetness onto a surface, not into your mouth hole. Got it?

Finishing Touches

Sugar is highly opaque and has been designed to dry to an unapologetically matte finish. We’re excited to have developed a matte finish aerosol product that is non-dusty and has no overspray, resulting in surprisingly clean application in comparison to other matte products. A matte finish can also be helpful in reducing unwanted shines from directional lighting or flash photography when you are documenting your work. Want a gloss finish? You can use Ironlak; or consider using a clear gloss coating over your finished matte artwork. Don’t forget to test it somewhere unimportant first.

Heavily Pigmented

Just like Ironlak, we’ve developed Sugar to provide the best coverage possible. This means Sugar is a heavily pigmented product so it’s pretty important to shake your cans for 1-2 minutes and clear the dip-tube with a fat-cap before you start spraying.

UV Resistance

We want your work to last as long as it can, so we use the most UV-stable pigments available to us. We have real world evidence to suggest that 75% of the Sugar colour range will retain its vibrancy for at least five years under the elements. For the remaining 25%, we’ve implemented new higher-grade pigments. So far, Dupont in Florida have conducted accelerated weather testing (roughly equivalent to two years of day-to-day exposure) and we’ve conducted 10 months of real world testing with promising results. Usually six months is a breaking point for a colour that is going to show signs of fading and based on the data that we have, we’re confident that these new pigments will last a long time. Quality is important to us so we will continue to test these pigments over a longer time period to ensure they are as long-lasting as we believe them to be. It’s worth noting that some colours will last longer than others. This is true across all brands of paint.


Although Sugar is less toxic and more environmentally friendly than other aerosol products, we still highly recommend that you protect yourself. Spray smart, wear a mask and gloves while painting. While Sugar is one step closer to a sustainable future, it really is only the beginning of the journey. The next step is yours. We encourage you to investigate your local recycling options and help send your old empty Sugar cans onto their exciting new life.


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