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The 220PP marker with a line width of 4 mm is the ideal tool for applying juicy paint on almost all smooth and rough surfaces. The permanent alcohol-based ink is opaque, glossy and quick-drying.

The marker is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The 320PP marker can be refilled easily and cleanly - this protects the environment in terms of the MOLOTOW ™ REM ™ technology and there are almost infinite possibilities for mixing individual colours.

  • alcohol based
  • glossy
  • opaque
  • permanent
  • fast drying
  • for nearly all smooth surfaces
  • for indoor and outdoor applications
  • 12 colours
  • even colour distribution through Flowmaster ™ valve
  • 4-8 mm Chisel tip
  • refillable
  • interchangeable tips
  • mixable

Molotow Permanent Paint MARKER 4mm

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