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The 23rd edition of the Montana BLACK Artist Edition can featuring LAIA, is now available. The Barcelona-born Spanish graffiti artist is not only a prolific style writer and art maker, but she is also the reason why Montana BLACK Artist Edition can users and collectors have a great reason to have a smile on their dials. Choosing the Montana BLACK color Yellow BLK1030 was probably not much of a surprise for any fan of LAIA’s fun-loving artwork. A color often used by the artist, yellow not only features frequently in the happy yet very clever letters of her graffiti writing practice, but it is also a color heavily used in her design work including her Montana Cans Cotton Bag designs.

LAIA isn’t all fun and games though. Apart from being prolific, her creative concepts are also quirky, innovative, and symbolic. Often using known pop culture icons like the smiley face, LAIA’s creative reach has extended well beyond her adopted city of Valencia. Dynamic colors applied in opaque solid modes complement the refined images that have found their way on art prints, canvases, walls, bags, and even clothing. Rainbows, smiling faces, drips, bubbles, and arrows are just some of the universal elements that LAIA has managed to give her personal touch.

Proving once again that less can be more, LAIA’s design for the 23rd Montana BLACK Artist Edition can design uses the colors yellow, black, and the can's metallic silver to get her jovial message across. 


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